This image of Jack, doing what he does best - expressing himself - was taken at his wedding in June, 2003, and it seems to me to show Jack as who he really is, in spite of the elegant wededing attire.





I feel very privileged to call Jack Barry my friend! He has written this glorious, moving, unputdown-able book describing his life and the lives of everyone around him, which includes birds, animals, fish, turtles, crazy people, children, Irish people, a beaver pond, all-year weather, a hippy madonna to fall in love with, a tree house, haikus, a wild drummer, children, and more and more and more - about a year he spent in his treehouse on the pond, what preceded it, and how it felt - good, bad, scary, disgusting, wild, exhilarating, profound. It is to be enjoyed, marveled at, celebrated!


I decided to publish it and get it out there in the public arena, even though I don't have the capacity to distribute it as it deserves - and it deserves the best it can get! .I think the problem with more conventional methods may be that it doesn't fit easily into any one category, and most publishers don't want to take a chance on losing money. That's understandable, but what they ay be leaving out of the account is that, if I'm right, it's a classic! - better than Henry Beston's The Outermost House, better than Walden, unless, of course I'm just prejudiced. I laughed, cried, exulted, consoled Jack, mourned with him - and scanning it into my computer and proof-reading it gave me even more pleasure than the first go-around, because I had gobbled it in one sitting the first time! Jack has called it The Hermit's Handbook.