Pilgrimage Toward the Self,
by Mary M. Leue
ISBN 1-878115-08-1; paperback $10.95
Beginning as far back as the renaissance - quite likely long before that&emdash;and certainly, many, many times since the nineteenth century - people from western countries have been traveling to India in search of their souls! The lost sense of the elemental is something the recapturing of which is evidently sufficient reason to take on India's perils, frustra-tions and comfort deprivations. This account is no exception.
Like her previous "pilgrimage" book, Rushing To Eva, Mary Leue's account of her 1988 India trip is reported virtually unchanged from what she wrote from day to day as she experienced it. Like her previous book, this account also offers a prize to the reader, both in the richness of the author's experience and in the light it sheds on our western ways.
The narrative flows very readily from the author's inner commentary to the outer observations she makes upon the Indian cultures