My Life as a Traveling Homeschooler
by Jenifer Goldman
Chapter I
Before Homeschool
Public School
T hrough most of my life school's been pretty miserable. When I started homeschooling, everything got better. I can't remember much of nursery school or kindergarten, but some of the reasons why I didn't like school were--well, why don't I just give you an example of some of the things that have happened to me?:
I was in fourth grade. I had a teacher named Miss Jay. She was the teacher of my worst nightmares. We were having a vote on who should write the end of the year graduation speech. I suggested to the teacher that we not tell whose paper it was that we were reading, because I figured that some people would do it by who their friend was, rather than whose paper they liked best. They voted my paper the best, so I was selected to do the speech. But the teacher seemed to try anything possible to stop me from doing it.
Three other kids had also tried to write a speech, so the teacher decided that we should all work together. We started working together, but just because I was behind on a couple of papers, she took away the privilege for me to write it, even though I was the one who was selected. The teacher said that I "owed" her work. So the other kids went on to make the speech, and I sat and did extra work. Personally, I thought it was very unfair, because after the kids all decided that mine was the best, the teacher kicked me out of it. I told different people about it, but nobody listened, so that's just what I had to live with.
Most of my education has been through public school, but I also learned from the people in my family. These included my mother, my father, my uncle Jerry, my nana, and my grandpa (until I was seven years old--it's hard to believe that it was three and a half years ago, because I remember him so well, it just seems like a few months). My uncle Jerry is one of the main characters throughout this book, along with me.
My nana's been a big help in many things, such as spelling, math, when I was first learning multiplication, and she also taught me much about piano, because she's a piano teacher.
My grandpa took me a lot of places and taught me ust about everything, especially reading, because I always used to sit on his lap and he would read books o me. He used to take me to the zoo, to movies, to the layground, and anyplace else that he needed to go.
My father and mother got divorced when I was our, but I see my father once every month. He lives n Cambridge, Mass. My father teaches me a lot about cience, and a lot about mechanics, since he had been
orking for Xerox, and now works for Savin, fixing opying machines. He can fix just about anything. He's aught me a lot about problems with cars and lectronic things.
My mother taught me about crafts and sign language, because she's been a special ed teacher in classrooms and an art teacher in summer camps.
I've been living in the same house with my nana and my uncle Jerry for many years, and before that, we used to visit all the time. Jerry taught me many things, and a lot of what I know now. Jerry used to run an alternative school in Vermont. Then Jerry became the director of a company called the NCACS (National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools). So, when I was having trouble in school, Jerry thought that it might be a good idea for me to homeschool for a while.

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