What the Teacher Learned
by Jane Tompkins
(Addison-Wesley, $9.96 paperback
From the back cover:
Jane Tompkins has written a brave, funny, and evocative book about her journey as student, scholar, teacher, and self. A Life in School rescues teaching from its limbo as sterile-state technique and reveals its deepest potential - as one of the finest opportunities we have to offer each other the gift of life. Jane is well-known as one of our foremost literary critics. With this superb book she reveals herself to be one of our most resourceful and reflective teachers as well - and something more important: a wise and compassionate companion on the long trek we all take toward becoming human."

- Parker Palmer

Author of To Know as We Are Known

From her days as a schoolgirl to her prominence as a major literary critic and professor at a prestigious university, Jane F.Tompkins bravely probes the ways in which school can shape - or misshape - a life. The book's sometimes brutal self-revelations and its uncompromising personal honesty make this a riveting read. I couldn't put it down."

- Annette Kolodny

Professor of Comparative Cultural and

Literary Studies, University of Arizona   

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