The Lives of Children
The Story of the First Street School.
by George Dennison
"Virtually every page of it contains more truth than can be found in most writings on educational psychology ... It describes the lives of 23 children in the small private school (the First Street School on New York's Lower East Side) in which George Dennison taught ... Perhaps if enough of us read this book, take it to heart, and try to put its lessons into practice, we may yet save ourselves."

-John Holt, New York Review of Books

"There is no book I know of that shows so well what a free and humane education can be like, nor is there a more eloquent description of its philosophy."

- Herbert Kohl, The New York Times Book Review

"A classic."

- A. S. Neill, author of Summerhill

" intimate journal that brings the children to life and makes you miss them when it's over.... patient, reasoned, tender, and beautifully written.... a work of art."

- Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times


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