by Richard Lewis


In this lovely book, Richard Lewis demystifies the child's imagination while capturing its poetic spirit.

- Howard Gardner, Harvard University,

author of The Arts and Human Development

This book is excitingly rich... . It should be wonderfully stimulating to those who work with children, as well as to readers whose own poetry may sometimes seem lost or shriveled within the dailyness of ordinary life. On every page are thoughts and phrases that like pebbles tossed into a pool set our adult minds in motion with the possibilities of language and imagination.

- Ellen Dissanayake, author of Wbat Is Art For?

Richard Lewis has retained a rare and almost uncanny sense of the experience of childhood. He combines this with immense sensitivity to the language and thinking ofyoung children today. The result is a wonderfully engaging and life affirming book that will both delight and providepractical help to anyone who spends time with children. Richard Lewis writes with delicacy, respect, and evident love for human beings in that stage of life that is so important for all that follows.

- Kieran Egan, Simon Fraser University, author of Primary Understanding

This is a quiet book, wise and practical.... It opens door after door into what William Blake calls the All Glorious Imagination, linking us, up with.. the vision and power which our modern education and our culture seem in danger of losing. The book centers on children, but one hopes passionately that adults will lay it to heart also. Do we not need it just as much?

- Elizabeth Sewell, poet and author of The Human Metaphor

Richard Lewis knows kids already have imagination - in contrast to the many well-intentioned teachers who seem to think it has to be (and can be) instilled into them by formulaic exercises which only result in a jokey, false surrealism. Granted, imagination can be squashed and almost wiped out, and may need to be restimulated even at an early age; but children should not be taught to identify poetry with verbal clowning. Such teachers need to absorb Lewis' respect and high expectations for a child's inner life and expressive capacities; it is clearly his attitude that has elicited so many remarkable poems from children of different ages, many living in grim inner-city neighborhoods. His work should be required reading for teachers and parents.

- Denise Levertov, poet and essayist, author of O Taste and See

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