by Morris Netherton, Ph.D and Nancy Shiffrin
A renowned psychologist shows how your present problems and anxieties are the result of what has happened to you in your past incarnations, stretching back centuries.
Netherton writes:
"The evidence for reincarnation is certainly strong enough so that it can no longer be dismissed as a joke or a lunatic notion of some occult fringe. I have used it as a therapeutic tool for over a decade. Almost invariably my patients have found that their mental anguish in this life could be pinpointed to a physical situation in a past life. To put it in the simplest terms, a patient who suffers from an acute fear of heights, for example, will discover recurring past-life situations where he died by falling long distances. The past-life falls could easily be called "creative daydreams," and if a patient wishes to regard them that way I make no objection; the therapy will still work for him. As he detaches himself from the commands of past incarnations he loses the fear he has been suffering in the here and now. The notion that what he has been describing is, in fact, real is supported by the evidence he himself supplies concerning the time, place, conditions and language surrounding "past-life" incidents. We accumulate these details because it is essential for the patient to relive the trauma of each past-life incident moment by moment, fully and completely, in order to detach himself from it."
From the book cover:
Past Lives Therapy has had a following in the United States and Europe for over fifteen years. Through it, more and more Americans, disillusioned with conventional therapies, are facing the source of their current problems in past incarnations. Dr. Morris Netherton, the renowned Los Angeles therapist and founder of the Institute for Past Life Awareness, claims, "When you behave inappropriately - that is, when what you are doing is not handling your life to your own satisfactions - you are reliving an unresolved past life incident."
Almost every therapy assumes that traumas from the past are influential in the present. This book reveals that Past Lives Therapy differs from traditional therapies because of how far back it goes. Without the use of hypnosis, and without requiring the patient's belief in reincarnation, Dr. Netherton probes the unconscious mind and unleashes a flood of traumatic events that go back beyond childhood, beyond the prenatal and birth periods, and into a past life.
Past Lives Therapy presents a full discussion of Dr. Netherton's unique technique, including numerous case histories of patients whose problems have been fully revealed and cured through the use of Past Lives Therapy. They range from sexual inadequa-cies and serious phobias to problems that may seem trivial to some, such as common colds, migraines, and stuttering. In Past Lives Therapy, Dr. Netherton also deals with problems outside the range of normal psychological cases, such as cancer and epilepsy.
Fascinating and groundbreaking in what it reveals, Past Lives Therapy introduces the existence of an entirely new dimension in understanding and dealing with our behavior.
Morris Netherton has a master's degree in Correctional Counseling and a doctorate in Psychology. He is licensed to do Child, Marriage, and Family Counseling. He has specialized in Past Lives Therapy for nine years and has had a private practice in Past Life Awareness for eight years.
Nancy Shiffrin has been Counseling Director at Hollywood-Sunset Free Clinic, therapy facilitator at Calabassas Neuropsychiatric Hospital and at U.C.L.A., and has worked with disturbed children at high schools in Los Angeles. Her previous published work includes books on encounter techniques, anger, acupressure, and dreams.
Some of the questions Dr. Netherton is most frequently asked, and which he answers in the book:
• Do you have patients who can't recall any past lives?
• What does the "shift" into a past life actually feel like to the patient going through it?
• Do you work with traumatic incidents in this life?
• How many people experience past lives as members of the opposite sex?
• What is the likelihood of my actually knowing someone from a past life?
• Have people described animal lives?
• How are relationships with others affected by Past Lives Therapy?
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